This website is dedicated to the scorpions of the genus Hottentotta and based on the revision by František Kovařík. The goal of this site is to give as much information about the different Hottentotta species as possible. I will try to keep this website up to date and as accurate as possible. I hope you will enjoy the site.


Two new Hottentotta species from Oman
Graeme Lowe is continuing his study of the scorpion fauna of the Middle East. He reports of two new species of Hottentotta from northern Oman:
Hottentotta pellucidus Lowe, 2010 Fig.59
Hottentotta saxinatans Lowe, 2010 Fig.60

Lowe G. Two new species of Hottentotta Birula, 1908 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from northern Oman. Euscorpius. 2010(103):1-23.

Illustrated catalog of scorpions. Part I. Introductory remarks; keys to families and genera; subfamily Scorpioninae with keys to Heterometrus and Pandinus species. An often encountered problem in estimations of animal diversity is a paucity of illustrated reviews allowing those not engaged in descriptive taxonomy fast orientation in given groups. Whereas for some invertebrates, namely butterflies and beetles, such reviews are available for most families, no such work has so far existed for the scorpions. To fill the gap, I have prepared the present volume. It consists of introductory remarks (morphology, toxicity, reproduction, ontogeny etc.), keys to all families and genera described by the end of 2008, a list of genera with their distributions and numbers of species, and 650 color photos depicting most species of the subfamily Scorpioninae (Heterometrus, Pandinus, Scorpio and Opistophthalmus). Many of the illustrated specimens are types, whose study has in several instances necessitated taxonomic changes. The treatment of Heterometrus and Pandinus includes species diagnoses and keys to species. All species of Pandinus are illustrated, most of them for the first time. The genus Scorpio includes characterizations and photos of all 11 valid subspecies. The volume is printed in A4 format, with a hard cover, and the enclosed pdf of 10 selected pages gives an idea of its internal arrangement and appearance. It can be ordered either directly from the publisher (Clarion Productions, Slavikova 11, CZ-120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic, jakub@cleridae.cz) or through the author mailto:kovarik.scorpio@gmail.com. The price is 80 euros (ca. 105 US$).